Board of Education

Board Members:

PJ West - President
 Brandi Shay
 - Vice President
Rodney Shields
Craig Winemiller
Kim Lutrick
Janette Campbell - Board Secretary/Business Manager  

Meetings of the Board:

    School Board Meetings are scheduled for the second Monday of Each month. The meetings begin at 6:00 p.m. and are held in the Board Room at the Superintendent’s office, located on the west side of the high school facility. All meetings are open to the public with the exception of meetings called for specific purposes within those outlined under the Iowa Open Meetings Law or those called for negotiations strategy for public employees.


The Board's Functions:

    The Board's function is that of a decision-maker; it wants to hear the sentiments of the public, however routine questions and discussion take time from other Board business. The Board suggests, if a resident has a question about the operation of the schools, they are encouraged to contact the teacher or administrator closest to the situation. The five members of the Board govern the school district by establishing policy statements that are available for patrons of the district.

    The School Board represents the people of the district and functions as a policy-making body. Board policies ensure that students receive a quality education. The Board has jurisdiction over the school district, its employees and students under the laws of the State of Iowa.

    The Board selects a executive office, the Superintendent of Schools, and delegates to the Superintendent the authority for carrying out the policies, plans and administrative details necessary to insure that all policies formulated by the Board are made effective in the operation of the schools.

    In its appraisal function, the Board through the study of facts and conditions evaluates the efficiency of the operation of the schools, not only in dollars and cents, but also in desirable values as the results of instruction based on a sound philosophy of education.

Agendas of the Board Meeting:

    Agendas are published by the school district prior to all meetings and are available by request from the Board Secretary prior to meetings. Minutes are available upon request after the meeting for a slight charge for copying.


How To Get An Item On the Agenda:

      The Mount Ayr Community Board of Directors places the responsibility for the development of the agenda with the Superintendent of Schools in collaboration with the president of the Board. It is necessary for organizations or individuals to observe certain guidelines should they desire to address the Board in regular session.

    Those wishing to address the Board should write a letter to the superintendent, requesting to address the Board. This request must be submitted at least five working days prior to the next regular meeting and should state the item to be discussed and should state the person's name(s), address, and telephone number. The statement should also state the action requested by the Board of Directors and provide any background, which might be helpful. A date will be set by the Superintendent for the item to appear on the agenda and will notify the individual or group.

    You may give information and address the Board during the "Communications from the Public" at any regular meeting. Patrons may give input on presented action items when recognized during the meeting. Because of time limitations, each person's comments may not be longer than three minutes; and must be direct, to the point and of an informative nature.

Board Policies:

The Board Policy documents are in the attachments at the bottom of this page.