Mt. Ayr Raider Education Foundation

Our latest 101 Donations Recipient is Shaun Kniep!

She received funds for purchasing new books for her curriculum.

Congratulations Shaun!

It is that time again!

Mt Ayr Raider Education Foundation Night

Our annual fundraising night will be this Friday, January 26!

We will start the evening with a spaghetti supper at 5:00.  The meal will include spaghetti, green beans, salad, hot rolls, dessert and a bottle of water for $6.

Throughout the evening there will be Silent Auction items to bid on.  We have lawn care services, a load of rock, delicious pies and bread, a metal sign from the Metals class and a Raider football jersey autographed by Ezekiel Elliott!  There are other items as well and they are all advertised on the Facebook page for the Foundation.

This should be a fantastic night to raise some money and reconnect with current members while increasing our list of members to some new faces.

If you have not signed up for the 2018 101 Donations Club, please do!  We appreciate your help in providing funds to make our District even better!

And the Winner is.....

The 101 Donations presented 3 lucky groups last night(Oct. 24, 2017) with funds for their programs.  

Pictured below are the lucky recipients.  Our students will benefit from all of these awards-

Thank You 101 Donations Sponsors!

Katie Coulson presented for the Kindergarten classes. 

 They received $1000 to help fill their morning work tubs with manipulatives for learning.

Collin Zidlicky presented for the MS and HS Band classes. 

 They received $500 to purchase new band pieces from various cultures.

Tara Rush presented for the SFL program.  

They received $500 to purchase STEM activities to help with after school programming.

The Hall of Fame Banquet will be before your know it-don't miss out!

Here is the flyer with details for the evening.



Inductees:  Maurice Carr, Ron Landphair, Lori Sickels Friedman,

1988 State Girls Track Champions

Saturday, September 30  •  Mount Ayr Community High School Commons

Social 5:00pm                                        Dinner 6:00pm

Catered by Chef Katie Routh Porter

The Wallace Centers of Iowa


Program following dinner

Business Casual Dress Requested


Banquet Tickets: $35 each, or you may purchase a table of 8 for $240 (must be paid with one check)

I would like to purchase __________ banquet tickets at a total cost of $_____________


Checks payable to Mount Ayr Raider Education Foundation

Please PRINT the names of the people who will be using the tickets.   

Also note any special dietary considerations.  We will accommodate your dietary needs to the best of our ability.


  1. ____________________________________________________________________________
  2. ____________________________________________________________________________
  3. ____________________________________________________________________________
  4. ____________________________________________________________________________
  5. ____________________________________________________________________________
  6. ____________________________________________________________________________
  7. ____________________________________________________________________________
  8. ____________________________________________________________________________

Please contact Jodie Geist at 641-464-2480 with any questions.

Mail ticket requests to Jodie Geist,

Mount Ayr Community High School, 1001 E. Columbus, Mount Ayr, IA  50854


Banquet Reservations due by SEPTEMBER 15, 2017

We have had another amazing night of listening to and granting gifts for programs to benefit students from the Mount Ayr Community Schools!
Thank you to our 3 presenters:  Chris Elwood, Abby Elliott and Bret Ruggles.
Thank you to those that could attend!
Thank you to those that viewed us online!
Thank you to those that emailed in your vote!
It was a complete success and our donations 100% back to the school currently balance at just over $9000!  
We couldn't do it without your support!
Below are the 3 winners:

Bret Ruggles:  $500 for Robotics program at MS/HS

Abby Elliott:  $500 for MS/HS Library Renovations

Chris Elwood:  $1000 for Elementary Playground Renovation

Welcome to the members of the 2017 Mt. Ayr Raider Education Foundation 
101 Donations Club!
*If there is someone NOT on this list that you think would be a perfect candidate to join our cause, please contact us and we will do the necessary work to reach out to them.

John & Cindy Allen

Tracy Barnes

Shane Bishop

Joen Brown

Mark & Betsy Budach

Marie Burmeister

Robert Burrell

Mekenze Cortum

Scott & Katie Coulson

Pam Cross

Dan Cunning

Robert & Julie Davison

Brad & Abby Elliott

Craig Elliott

Dick & Donna Elliott

Ellen Elliott

Chris & Callie Elwood

Steve Fetty

Jan & Tom Ford

Cory French

Eric & Melissa Friedrich

Crae & Jodie Geist

Phillip & Susan Gerard

Larry & Karon Giles

Scott & Tracy Giles

Jerri Graham & Dane Johnson

David & Jody Greene

Doug Greene

Randy & Marcy Gregg



Mike & Sally Hansen

Diane Wood

Kim & Dara Greenland

Fay Howie

Bobbie Ivey

Joan & Wendell Jackson

Donna Kemery

Wayne & Pat Kemery

Gary & Ardith Keplinger

Clint & Shaun Kniep

Traci Larson Knoll

Mark & Sue Larsen

Ron Landphair

Ron & Martha Landphair

John & Debbie Larsen

Mark & Sue Larsen

Dr. Carlin Lawhead

Jeff & Amy Levine

The Lighthouse Church

Jeff & Kim Lutrick

Barry Monaghan

Burton & Molly Murphy

Joe & Deb Murphy

Dr. Nicole Murphy

John & Patty Parrish

Rebecca Parrish

Larry Pratt

Marv Pratt

Ed Reasoner



Bruce & Michell Ricker

Gene and Vicki Ricker

Jaren & Randi Ricker

Kathy Rinehart

Steve & Nancy Roe

Chet & Annie Roed

Joe & Julie Routh

Katie Routh

Matt Routh

Skip & Jody Rushing

Andy Rusk

James & Marilyn Saville

Tory & Brandi Shay

Mike Shields

Delwyn Showalter

Marcia Showalter

Darla Sobotka

Marie Still

In Memory of Julia Stephens

Bill & Faye Stull

Randy & Karen Taylor

Steve & Cheryl Taylor

Steve Trullinger

Jim & Jane Uhlenkamp

Kurt & Lynne Wallace

Dick & Joyce Weehler

Neil & Jill Weehler

Randy & Kim Weehler

PJ West

Craig & Susan Winemiller 

A sincere thank you to each one of you for joining this group and making a difference in the

Mount Ayr Community School!

It's that time again!
If you haven't sent in your enrollment for the 
Mt Ayr Raider Education Foundation
please send it in as soon as possible.
We are now accepting re-enrollments and new members!  If you know of someone we should reach out to that is a great candidate for our organization, please contact us and we will send them the necessary correspondence.

The Raider Education Foundation would like to thank Chris and Patti Eaton and the Connor Cares Foundation for the generous donation towards the Shaken Baby simulator and curriculum.  Mrs. Barb Gerber has been using the materials in her classes to educate students about Shaken Baby Syndrome.  Please thank Chris and Patti if you have a chance.

It is time for the Mt Ayr Raider Education Foundation Night!

We will be hosting our annual Foundation Night on Friday, January 27 in the High School Commons.  The basketball game that evening is with Southeast Warren.

We will begin with a spaghetti supper at 5:00.  There will be spaghetti, lettuce salad, green beans, hot rolls and desserts all for $6.

During the games we will be having a Silent Auction showcasing local bakers!  You do not want to miss out on the opportunity to take home one of the prized foods!

We will also have plenty of registration forms to sign up and join our program.  Pass the word to your family and friends!

And last but not least.....there may be some surprise giveaways!

See you on Friday night!

Annual Quilt Fest Coming Soon

The Mt. Ayr Raider Education is once again sponsoring the Quilt Fest at the Mt. Ayr Community High School.
The money raised from this event goes towards scholarships for Mt. Ayr graduates.


Another surprise donation!
On Friday, September 23 the 101 Donation Club was at it again.  The group surprised Mr. Chris Elwood and the Elementary School with a donation check.
The money will be used for earphones for each classroom and $500 to be put to use in the funding for a new playground.

Along with surprising a few teachers with special gifts this Fall the 101 Donations Club partnered with Shopko and surprised the entire Elementary student group with 1 free box of Crayola Markers.
Below is a picture of the Kindergarten classes showing off their new markers!  Thank you Shopko for helping us out!

It's that time again!
3rd Annual Hall of Fame Banquet
Saturday, October 8
5:00 Social
6:00 Dinner
6:45  Induction Ceremony

Reservations required.  $35 each or buy a table for $240.  (The table must be paid for with one check.) Reservations due by September 28.  

Mail Reservations to:  Mt. Ayr Raider Education Foundation

Inductees this year:  
Orr Fisher
David L. McDaniel
Ron Scott
Bruce and Michell Ricker

More Surprises by the 101 Donations Club!

When Mrs. Darla Sobotka, third grade teacher, walked into her classroom Friday morning she was met with quite a surprise!  Thanks to the generous donations of our community she and her class were provided with a large supply of books, games and puzzles. You can see by the smiles on their faces, they are very appreciative to the Mt. Ayr Raider Education Foundation in helping fulfill her grant wish.  We thank our community once again for helping to make this possible.
May 20, 2016

A surprise "May Day Basket"was given to Mr. John Larsen and Mr. Kurt Wallace for TI-84 Smartview Emulator Software. This computer software allows Mr. Larsen and Mr. Wallace to demonstrate to students how to use their graphing calculator to solve problems. 

David Greene, Kurt Wallace and Jill Weehler with the presentation check!

David Greene, John Larsen and Jill Weehler with the $150 check!

Here is a picture of the Kindergarten students in 

Mrs. Bethany Knox's class exploring the new dramatic play center that Bethany purchased with her 101 Donation money.

Thank you to all donors for helping make a difference

 in the lives of these children!

Congratulations Mrs. Dara Greenland, Mrs. Shaun Kniep 

and Mrs. Bethany Knox!

On Monday evening, April 4, 2016, the 101 Donations Club met to listen to the first 3 candidates chosen for gifts from the Mount Ayr Raider Education Foundation.   The 3 women presented and the 101 Donation Members chose Dara's Early Literacy Library project for the $1000 award.  Shaun's wish was for money to put towards a new lectern/podium to be used at events throughout the District and she was awarded $500 to help with this project.  Bethany presented a need for money to help pay for supplies needed in the Kindergarten program’s Dramatic Play centers. She was also awarded $500.  It was a fun evening and the group is looking towards our next award event in October.  There are currently 71 members

 in the 101 Donations Club.  

Last night we also surprised Darla Sobotka with kicking off a "spring cleaning" campaign.  She requested board games for indoor recess and we have responded with asking people to donate new or slightly used board games to meet this need.  If you would like to donate to this project, please contact the Foundation at

Membership continues to be open to alumni and friends who want to become members of the 101 Donations Club

It's not too late to join the 101 Donations Club!
We will be hosting our first ever 101 Donations Club Night on Monday, April 4.  Plan to attend, even if you are not a member yet.  We will always welcome new faces to our group!
The evening will being at 5:30 with a Social time where we can visit and enjoy snacks and drinks.  It will be held at the Elementary Library.  Enter through the South Main doors of the building and we will guide you in if you are not familiar with the set-up.  We have chosen 3 wonderful candidates that you will select from to receive monetary gifts for their programs.  There will be a $1,000 winner and 2 $500 winners.  It will be a fun evening for all!

Mount Ayr Community School Foundation Receives Additional $3000 Match!


In an effort to help the Mount Ayr Community School Foundation Endowment raise their $1 for $1 $8000 match grant from South Central Iowa Community Foundation by the May 1, 2016, Dan and Joe Cunning are offering an additional $1 for $1 match for the next $3000 donated to the Mount Ayr Community School Foundation.   Two thousand dollars have already been raised.  If $3000 is donated by alumni, individuals, businesses and organizations before May 1, 2016, it will be matched by the Cunnings, reaching the $8000 goal and resulting in an additional $1 for $1 match by South Central Iowa Community Foundation.


The Mount Ayr Community School Foundation exists to help ensure the highest quality education for all students for generations to come.  If you would like to help Mount Ayr Community Schools for perpetuity and have your donation matched twice; send your tax deductible donation to South Central Iowa Community Foundation (SCICF), 108 North Grand, Chariton, Iowa, 50049. Make your check payable to SCICF/Mount Ayr School Foundation. 


Those serving on the Mount Ayr Raider Education Foundation Board who oversees and helps to grow the Mount Ayr Community School Foundation Endowment, helping to ensure a high quality education, include David Green, Jodie Geist, Molly Murphy, Jill Weehler, Barbie Belzer, Joan Jackson, David McNeil, Brad Elliott, Martha Landphair, Tracy Giles, Brandi Shay and Ronnie Landphair.  For more information contact a committee member, call SCICF at 641-217-9105, visit www.,, or follow the Foundations activities on Facebook:  Mount Ayr Community School Foundation.

Click below to view Quarterly Newsletter.

Mt. Ayr Raider Education Foundation Annual Supper

The 2nd Annual Mt. Ayr Raider Education Foundation fund raising supper was held on Friday, February 5, 2016.  There was a great turnout and new monies were raised for our group.

The evening included a delicious meal served by Alumni.  The meal included spaghetti, green beans, hot rolls and dessert bars.  At halftime Jill Weehler and David Greene spoke about our new 101 Donations Club and kicked off this fund raising venture.  Jody Greene’s Fourth Grade class then won a beanbag game.  This was funded by the organization through a grant process Mrs. Greene had applied for.

A unique part of the evening included alumni visiting the information table and wearing designated buttons for their graduating school.  It was neat seeing how many of our schools were represented.

Mrs. Greene's Fourth Graders with their new beanbags-love those smiles!

Come Join the 101 Donations Club!!!

The Mount Ayr Raider Education Foundation is excited to announce the 101 Donation Club! The purpose of the club is to raise at least $10,000 each year to fund educational opportunities at the school.


Members of this new club will each contribute $50 two times a year, for a total annual donation of $100. They will then have the opportunity to join our bi-annual events to learn more about current projects and vote for the opportunity they would like to see funded.


Scholarships, field trips and educational tools for classrooms are examples of some of the needs that could be realized by generous donations from the Club.  We need a minimum of 100 members to kick start this innovative initiative. We invite you to be an inaugural member of the club! Our first charter meeting will be held in early April of this year. Contact Jill Taylor Weehler at for more information.


The MACS Foundation has received a $8,000 matching grant from the South Central Iowa Community Foundation to assist in our fundraising efforts.  To date, we have raised $1600 towards our match.  The deadline for matching $8,000 is May 1, 2016.  
If you would like to make a monetary donation to the Mt Ayr Community School Foundation please send your check to Mount Ayr Community School, 1001 E. Columbus St. Mt. Ayr, IA  50854 c/o Jodie Geist or South Central Iowa Community Foundation, 108 North Grand, Chariton, IA  50049.  On the memo line, please write  MACS Foundation. Thank you in advance for helping the Foundation in their fundraising efforts for the students of Mount Ayr Community School.   


Follow the Mount Ayr Community Foundation activities on Facebook at
Mount Ayr Community School Foundation.


Pictures are online........
Hall of Fame Induction and Banquet, September 4, 2014
Foundation Night, January 30, 2015

Thank you Darla Sobotka for taking the pictures!!

Video from State Track Introductions
 Thank you to Derek Lambert for the video.


Check out past and future Foundation Activities and Events by clicking here.


The Foundation is gathering MACS Alumni information and would appreciate your contact information please click here to enter your information.