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Mount Ayr Community Jr./Sr. High Bulletin for Monday, October 22, 2012...

Second Semester College Classes

REMINDER: If you are planning to take a college class second semester, you need to fill out a registration form AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. This includes Eng Comp II, Art Appreciation, the Automotive and Welding programs, and all online classes. Deadline to register is THIS FRIDAY, October 26th.

College Rep

A representative from AIB College of Business will be here on Tuesday, Oct. 23rd, at 9:15 a.m.

Student Council

There will be a High School Student Council meeting on Wednesday, October 24th, during seminar.

Jostens Meeting On Friday, Oct 26, Jostens will meet with the senior class officers in the guidance office during seminar.

NO ONLINE GAME PLAYING No online game playing during the school day. You are in class to listen to the teachers & use your study halls wisely.

All juniors TODAY 6th hour All juniors are to report to the Auditorium for a presentation. That's all juniors 6th hour in the auditorium today. Thank you.