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Mount Ayr Community Jr./Sr. High Bulletin for Tuesday, September 04, 2012...

Hunter's Safety Course Hunter's safety will be offered in September 4th-6th and 8th in the Ag room. You must attend all three days. bring a pencil & your social security number. There is no charge for the course.

Assembly There will be an assembly on Wednesday, September 5 at 12:45 during seminar. Mike Sobotka will be talking to all students grade 7 thru 12 September 5th at 12:45 during seminar.

Computers at Lunch.... Students who have their laptop open during lunch while they are eating, please leave your laptop in the case. When you are finished eating you may take your computer to an empty table or along the wall in the lunchroom and work on your computer. We don't want you to spill food or drink on your laptop. Thanks.

Slow it down...... Students parking on school property muct drive slowly and must stop at all stop signs. NO speeding or reckless driving will be allowed. Not following traffic laws will result in student's being ticketed.

Middle School Magazine Sales Middle School Magazine sales will run for 2 weeks. If you have your packet and it contains money from any sales you might have made over the holiday, please turn it in at the office. DO NOT keep the money in your locker! You may pick up your packets to sell more magazines after 2:30 today.


The Hagan Scholarship Foundation application is in the guidance office. Requirements to apply include: Must have a 3.50 gpa or higher; ACT score must be 23 or higher; income guidelines. Deadline is Nov. 15.

Cross Country Bus Time The Cross Country bus will leave at 2:15 today.

Student Council

The Student Council will meet on Thursday, during seminar, to work on Homecoming plans.


All Seniors may vote for Homecoming King and Queen candidates on Friday, from 12:20 - 1:00 p.m. in the commons.

For PE & Strength & Conditioning All students need to bring their laptops to PE & Strength & Conditioning today..

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