MACS vs. Nodaway Valley Football Game

posted Aug 22, 2012, 6:35 PM by Kim Curry
“Battle for the Rock” to Honor Long-Time Mount Ayr & Nodaway Valley Coaches

The athletic departments of Mount Ayr and Nodaway Valley high schools are pleased to announce that the football
game between the two long-time rivals has been designated as “The Battle for the Rock” in honor of long time
coaches Bob Daut of Greenfield and Dave Still of Mount Ayr. Both Daut & Still are members of the Iowa Football
Coaches Hall of Fame, with a combined 361 wins spanning 61 years as high school football coaches.

Coaches Steve Shantz of Nodaway Valley, along with Delwyn Showalter and Derek Lambert of Mount Ayr, began
talking several years ago about commemorating the impact that Still & Daut have had on their communities and the
game of football during their storied careers. They also talked about the classic nature of the gridiron series between
the two schools:

“This game has been a great rivalry over many years, spanning several conferences and the advent of district
football” explained Nodaway Valley coach Steve Shantz. “When it looked like we were going to be in a different
district than Mount Ayr, the coaching staffs talked and said we definitely want to continue this game.”

Derek Lambert, co-coach of the Mount Ayr Raiders, added that the nature of the game in recent years has added to
its luster: “We have had some outstanding games, fantastic finishes, physical slugfests, and big comebacks” said
Lambert. “We seem to bring out the best in each other, and it is a game that both teams enjoy. It is a rivalry, but it’s
a friendly rivalry and we really wanted to showcase it and turn it into something special.”

Mount Ayr co-coach & Athletic Director Delwyn Showalter said that the decision to honor Coach Daut and
Coach Still was the driving force behind the creation of the trophy game. “That was really where this idea started.
We wanted to do something to honor Bob Daut & Dave Still for everything that they have meant to high school
football. They were fierce rivals on the field but great friends off.

They were such great ambassadors for the game of football, active in helping improve & promote the game, and
strong believers in the educational value of football. They stood for lots of great things and they helped thousands
of young men grow up. They were rough & tough, but they really cared about their players. They were great
coaches who taught much more than the game of football, and we want to ensure that every player that comes
through the football program at either school understands the legacy that those two men have left for us”.

The schools considered several names for the contest before settling on “The Battle for the Rock”. Showalter
explains the significance of the label:

“Bob & Dave were rock-solid men and coaches who stood the test of time, they were the bedrock of their school
& community, and they helped young people build a solid foundation for their life. We thought that rock really
represents the type of character they had, and the type of men that they are.”

Greenfield artist Bubba Sorensen, the creator of the Freedom Rock, has agreed to create a trophy for the contest that
will capture the nature of Still & Daut, along with the rivalry of this contest. Sorensen will produce a temporary
version for the 2012 game, while he makes plans for a permanent trophy.

Tim Baier Auction Service of Greenfield, Sorensen Studio of Greenfield, Podium Ink of Mount Ayr and Schildberg
Construction (with operations in Adair and Ringgold Counties) are Sponsoring Partners of the “Battle for the Rock”.